Cucina Presto! Bing adds Recipe search results

bing recipe search

Get your cook on with the new Bing search results for recipes.  Earlier today I had a mad-craving for some Italian but I’m not chef so, I was off to Bing search for a recipe.  After I typed in my recipe I noticed under the All Results bar on the left there is a new recipes link which shows recipes for your search. Nice…

It’s a groovy feature because it pulls recipes from multiple sites and keeps the user ratings that go with them.  The links of course take you to the recipe site themselves, but I’m excited I no longer have to open 3 different browsers and multi-search through several different websites to find the exact recipe I’m looking for.

FYI – If you can’t find a recipe results, just add “recipe” to the end of your search and it should come up.

Here’s the official video on the update from the Bing Team:





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