Search Google Anonymously Using A Firefox Add-on

GroovySharing only connects you through proxy when you are using GoogleIt’s no surprise that Google tracks everything you do using their services.  Mainly for data collecting to maximize advertising potential etc..   The thing is however, even if your not on a Google site/service, cookies like to stick around and collect data as you visit OTHER sites (not to mention google analytics, adsense, etc…)

Don’t like the idea of Google tracking you?  Here is a solution.  It’s called GoogleSharing and it is a new add-on for the Firefox internet browser.

GoogleSharing will connect you to a proxy server whenever you direct your browser to any Google owned site.  Sure there are a lot of other proxy options out there and nothing is 100% but, it’s worth a try for you crazies out there (and me) heheh.

Just be sure you aren’t signed in to your Google account because that defeats the whole purpose.  Sound groovy?

You can pick it up here at the @Mozilla Add-on page.

googlesharing proxy for the firefox, get the add-on from the official mozilla site

To learn more about this groovy privacy add-on check out the official GoogleSharing website.





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