Techcrunch Was Hacked!

tech crunch was hacked, oh no!

The mass media tech site was hacked at 10:20pm PST.  The entire site went down leaving a blank page with links to random rapidshare or bit torrent downloads.  The overall page which was shown depended upon which browser you were viewing it with.  While you think this may be related to recent hacking attacks on Google and Adobe, the DNS records for TechCrunch are clean, leaving me to believe it is a server-based attack.  Parislemon, TechCrunch technology writer, confirmed the situation on twitter.

The hack only seems to have affected their main domain as the other domains –crunchbase, crunchgear, etc…- are still up and running.

Update: As of 2:05am PST the site is back up, giving it a total outage of 4 hours.






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