Firefox Users Write Website Comments Using Notepad

how to write on websites using your own text editor

When you are writing comments and editing text areas on website it can some times be very frustrating.  Many websites have horrible text settings for managing comments, and then the rest of the time you’re afraid to write anything long and worthwhile because one false refresh and it’s all wiped.  Thanks to a small company, called docwhat, we now have a Firefox add-on that will let us use our own text editors to write on web pages.

The extension is called It’s All Text and what it does it create a small edit button at the bottom write of any large writable text box on a website.  When you click the edit button it will open up your favorite text editor (notepad, notepad++, word.. etc)  and then allow you to continue writing there.  The really cool thing is that instead of having to copy and paste your message, all you have to do is Save in your text editor and the text will automatically be synced to the website form.  Pretty groovy!

Download the Firefox Add-On here from the @Mozilla official add-ons site.

Once you install it if you’re having trouble getting it working you’ll need to go into the it’s Preferences and set a default editor.





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