Launch Your Facebook Store For Free With Payvment

sell your products on facebook for free using Payvment

If your company has a huge Facebook profile with thousands of fans, why not take advantage of that point and start offering them some products?  We’ve seen companies selling stuff on Facebook before, but it’s always been lame application gifts and other scams.  With Payvment you can now create a store front on Facebook and sell actual (REAL) productsopen cart shopping network lets your products haunt peoples online shopping carts.  Almost forgot, it’s free!

Besides the neat functionality of being able to set up a real online store on Facebook, Payvment also uses an Open Shopping Cart Network.  This means that people will be able to shop and pay for items on your store page from nearly any other Payvment created site on the internet.  Or in other words.. now when people add your products to the shopping cart, those products will haunt them until they either buy them or manually remove them.  That should help close a few deals!

Check out the Payvment Facebook page and get your store on Facebook!  Just install the Facebook app and the setup will take you through the rest.





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