Ubisoft Goes Insane – Implements new Online Only DRM

settlers 7 to be the first to get hit by the online only drm policy

Just when you thought software game developers were finally learning that DRM doesn’t work, Ubisoft steps up to the plate enforcing a new Online Only policy.  The new DRM policy won’t affect games which are already out, but starting with The Settlers 7 all future games will require a constant internet connection and verification to play.

In their statement they make it quite clear when asked:

Is there an “off-line” option?

Ubisoft has officially committed business suicide.  Not only are there dozens of situations where you’d be away from home and without internet, but there are also hundreds of millions of potential customers with unreliable or no internet access in their homes.  It’s going to be hard to convince someone to buy a game if they don’t even have internet!

Going even a step further, all players will now be forced to create a Uplay (Ubisoft Online Network) account, even for single player games.

Positive Points?
With the online play all saved games will be stored online, so there is less fear of losing saves in a computer crash.  You’ll also be able to access those saves from an computer using your Ubisoft account.  Sorry, that’s the only good news.

So much for playing Ubisoft games on vacation, unless I plan on staying in a high-speed internet hotel the whole time.

It’s a shame they didn’t adopt the age old lesson that sticks to DRM.  Just make great product and spend the money that would have gone to DRM instead on making the product cheaper for your customers.






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