Welcome to groovyHacks.com!

Who are we?  Well, were the same groovyCrew from groovyPost.com!  We decided to start groovyHacks because we have <joking>soooo much free time on our hands we figured we needed to start up another NEW site!  </joking>  ACTUALLY, the reasonse were kicking on groovyHacks.com is because during the day while were looking for new groovy content for groovyPost.com we stumble accross small tips, tricks, hacks etc.. that’ don’t really warrent a full groovyPost write-up.  Rather than throwing those in the bit-bucket, we will start posting those tips / hacks here on groovyHacks.com!

Make sense?  Sound goovy?  We think so!

So stay tuned and get ready to subscribe to our daily groovyHacks.  Although it’s a little quiet around here, grooveDexter and I will soon start posting up new hacks daily!



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