The Blue Screen Of Death, Now available in your favorite color!

This is one of those beyond-nerdy tricks that is absolutely useless, but a true geek that has been using Windows long enough can really appreciate.  Mark Russinovich discovered the hack, but when you take a look at his instructions the amount of work involved really just makes you wonder if the guy ever leaves his house.

red screen of death windows

Samsung may be releasing Google’s Nexus Two On Nov. 8

Earlier this year HTC teamed up with Google and brought us the Nexus One.  The phone was the first of it’s kind and set the template for all future Android phones to come.

samsung new android phone invitation

This time around Google might be teaming up with Samsung and releasing the Nexus Two.  At this point it isn’t confirmed, it could just be a rumor.  But what else could they possibly be launching this Nov after just releasing their Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab line?

The specs on the device are rumored to be near identical to the Galaxy S line.  The power that the Nexus one has though is immediate Android updates, not months of waiting for lazy manufacturers to release their custom build.

Google Censorship Transparency Report

Google is all about freedom of information, especially after all of the trouble they have been having with China.  Now Google has created a new Transparency Map that will report on all of the censorship actions that Google has been legally demanded to take by removing content across the globe.

google transparency map united states

But, despite Google’s attempts at to transparently present the non-specific number of reports issued to them, China won’t even allow that saying:

“Chinese officials consider censorship demands to be state secrets, so we cannot disclose that information at this time”

See the map yourself at: