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How-To Turn your iPhone or Android into a Wifi hotspot

MyWi iPhone HotspotMyWi iPhone HotspotTurning your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot is simple if you have a jail-broken iPhone.  Your first FREE option is by PDANet.  Unfortunately the FREE version gives you only HTTP however normally that’s ok.  The Paid version gives you everything.  The second option is MyWi.  There is no Free version but for $9.99 1 time only, your iPhone will be a free Wifi …

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Google Apps Adds More Mobile Security Options


Google Apps Mobile Security FeatuersGoogle Apps Mobile Security Featuers

Has your company “Gone Google”?  Are you a google apps system administrator for your company?  If yes, good news on the mobile side.  Google just updated the security controls on mobile users getting 1 step closer to bridging the gap between it’s mobile policies and that which BlackBerry and Microsoft offer via their Mobile devices.  Here’s info from the Blog Post from Google:


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Microsoft Releases Windows Live SDK Verson 4.0

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft Logo

The Windows Live SDK for June just popped on the Windows Download Center.

The SDK Will run on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP SP3.

his SDK is for developing applications with the Windows Live Services.
This download package includes the following:

  • Messenger Connect .NET and Silverlight Library: Library for building .NET and Silverlight applications. You do not need this library if you are implementing

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