First Look: Microsoft Office 2010 (Free E-Book Offer)

The e-book offer includes the following content.

  • Part I, “”Envision the Possibilities,”” describes the changes in the Microsoft Office suite and shows how to use the features so they fit the way you work.
  • Chapter 1, “”Welcome to Office 2010,”” introduces features.
  • Chapter 2, “”Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently,”” details the great enhancements and visual effects.
  • Chapter 3, “”Work Anywhere with Office 2010”

Download Link eBook Here

How-To Turn your iPhone or Android into a Wifi hotspot

MyWi iPhone HotspotTurning your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot is simple if you have a jail-broken iPhone.  Your first FREE option is by PDANet.  Unfortunately the FREE version gives you only HTTP however normally that’s ok.  The Paid version gives you everything.  The second option is MyWi.  There is no Free version but for $9.99 1 time only, your iPhone will be a free Wifi Hotspot.

Android is simple and Free:  Goto settings, Wireless & networks, Portable wifi hotspot.

Google Video Chat Added For Linux

Google Video chat has been available on the PC and MAC for almost 3 years and today Google announced it’s now available on Linux.

Visit to download the plugin and get started. Voice and video chat for Linux supports Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions, and RPM support will be coming soon.