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  • New Linux 64-bit Kernel Exploit

    Linux 64-bit has a new local root exploit that will allow escalation into unauthorized user access.  Unfortunately, once the exploit has occurred on your system it will remain persistent even after being patched. The new update will fix this issue, so update quick! Update and more at: https://access.redhat.com/kb/docs/DOC-40265

  • VLC Player Comes To iPad As An App

    It’s about time!  Apple has approved the new VLC player app and it is ready to rock on the iPad.  Now you can play Xvid, Divx, WMV, M4V, and lots of other movies formats right on your iPad. Apple App Store Link

  • Google Earth Gets Insanely Accurate Flight Tracking

    At least, it is as accurate as the FAA will allow.  For security reasons Google’s tracking is 15-20 minutes behind the live location of the plane.  Of course, anyone with some decent navigation and math skills and the flight path could do the math and get the real location without much trouble. More on the…

  • Nintendo “NES” Coffee Table, It is Exactly What You Think

    It turns out, a Nintendo just might be the best place to set your Nintendo on top of.  -Okay that might have sounded weird, but it is true!- Just check out the screenshot below and you’ll what I mean, and be prepared to get your geek on. This giant NES was made by flickr user…

  • Adobe Flash Player Square 64-bit Launched Preview Today

    Today Adobe Launched the 64-bit version of their new “in-testing” flash player, Square. From Adobe: “Today we’re making available a preview of Adobe® Flash® Player that we’re calling “Square.” This preview includes support for two new areas, namely enhanced support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Beta and native 64-bit support for all major desktop operating…

  • Russian Puzzle Inspired Shelving

    Home-made Tetris shelves.  Could be a fun do-it-yourself project! Created by reddit user liberal_texan.