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  • Amazon Announces S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS)

    This morning I received an email from Amazon.com announcing a new storage option in their “Cloud” offering.  It’s called “Reduced Redundancy Storage” or RRS. Unlike their “standard” S3 storage offering which has an SLA of 99.999999999% at $0.150 per Gig Per Month for the first 50TB used, RRS will only come with an SLA of…

  • Fun Friday – Freak out your brain

    Not much to say on this one other than, Click the image below to enlarge it.  ;)

  • New FAQ released by Google RE: New Google Docs

      For you Google Docs / Apps users out there, Google just posted a new FAQ about the new Google Docs.  Enjoy the read! We’ve been excited by how many of you have chosen to try the new Google documents, spreadsheets and drawings editors over the last month. We’ve received a lot of great questions…

  • More free software from GFI – Backup – LanGuard – Mail

    Free is always a great price especially for great products.  I particularly like FREE backup and Network monitoring tools.  The screenshot to the left is an insert from a recent TechNet magazine. www.gfi.com/tec/

  • Permanently Remove The Diggbar

      While Digg is a popular social news site that I read regularly, the thing that I find most annoying is the Diggbar that opens whenever you try to visit a “Dugg” page.  Here is how to get rid of it for good. Near the giant close button on the right side of the Diggbar…

  • Star Wars StormTroopers Caught On Film

    Little bit of Friday fun today.  Yesterday I stumbled across a really entertaining  blog post which shows a pair of Imperial StormTroopers in a variety of life scenes.  Not really sure why… but I really enjoyed it quite a bit.   Stormtrooper’s life on photos – art pack