Category: lifeHacks

  • Relax Using A High Quality Realistic Rain Sound

    Ever had one of those nights where you couldn’t sleep?  Just got done with a stressful day at work? Or maybe you are homesick and were raised in Seattle?  Rainy Mood is here to help with a 15 minute realistic loop of high quality weather sounds. It’s simple to use, just visit and Click…

  • Looking For a Great Read? “BTB” FTW!

    Ahhh yeah, a few days ago while standing around the “Water Cooler”…. I heard about a funny site with a very strange name – Bald Tire Bob but… I’m glad! It’s definitely worth a read if any of you groovyReaders have a few mins to spare! (very funny).

  • Cucina Presto! Bing adds Recipe search results

    Get your cook on with the new Bing search results for recipes.  Earlier today I had a mad-craving for some Italian but I’m not chef so, I was off to Bing search for a recipe.  After I typed in my recipe I noticed under the All Results bar on the left there is a new…