How-To Turn your iPhone or Android into a Wifi hotspot

MyWi iPhone HotspotTurning your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot is simple if you have a jail-broken iPhone.  Your first FREE option is by PDANet.  Unfortunately the FREE version gives you only HTTP however normally that’s ok.  The Paid version gives you everything.  The second option is MyWi.  There is no Free version but for $9.99 1 time only, your iPhone will be a free Wifi Hotspot.

Android is simple and Free:  Goto settings, Wireless & networks, Portable wifi hotspot.

Apple Releases a HUGE iPhone – Introducing the iPad

Steve jobs presents the Apple iPad Tablet Although I watched the release of iPad this afternoon, I really didn’t pay much attention to it being that I won’t be able to get my hands on one for at least another 60 days. 

Overall looking over the list of features, the iPad really looks groovy.

One thing is for sure however…  apparently none of the Apple execs out there are fans of MadTV because if they were, they might have been aware of a VERY funny video specifically called the “iPad”.   One of our groovyReaders ShockerSH doing just that.  Here’s the Video he posted from MadTV

Can’t really think of any editorial comments that need to accompany that.  😉

Bing Could Become The New iPhone Default Search Provider

bing search provider on the iPhoneAccording to a recent article from BusinessWeek, Apple and Microsoft are in negotiations.  Current rumors have it that these talks are focused on replacing Google with Bing as the default search provider for all iPhones and Safari desktop applications.

Currently there are only two iPhone search provider options; Google, and Yahoo.  Yahoo leaves much to be desired, and Google is great.. except it’s at odds with Apple.  Google is getting too close for comfort with their new Nexus One phone, Google Voice applications, and Latitude GPS.  Apple has already made that clear by rejecting nearly every Google app for the iPhone AppStore.

Whether the deal works out or not depends on brand identity and mutual gain, but I for one hope that Bing will make it as at least an alternative.