The Blue Screen Of Death, Now available in your favorite color!

This is one of those beyond-nerdy tricks that is absolutely useless, but a true geek that has been using Windows long enough can really appreciate.  Mark Russinovich discovered the hack, but when you take a look at his instructions the amount of work involved really just makes you wonder if the guy ever leaves his house.

red screen of death windows

Compact & Crunch Your Firefox Bookmarks


The Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox is a useful feature that allows you to bookmark things on the fly and create instant shortcut buttons to get back to them.  However one of the biggest obstacles encountered when using Firefox bookmarks is that you will quickly run out of room, especially if you aren’t running in a maximized window. 

The Smart Bookmarks Bar add-on will fix this problem by making all of your favorites show only the Favicon for the site they go to.  When you hover over your bookmarks it will expand each one individually so you’ll only see the ones you want when you want to.


Ready to shrink your bookmark tool-bar?

Pickup the Smart Bookmarks Bar extension over at the official Mozilla add-ons page.