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  • Star Wars StormTroopers Caught On Film

    Little bit of Friday fun today.  Yesterday I stumbled across a really entertaining  blog post which shows a pair of Imperial StormTroopers in a variety of life scenes.  Not really sure why… but I really enjoyed it quite a bit.   Stormtrooper’s life on photos – art pack

  • gettyImages Launches ThinkStockPhotos.com

    Stock Photography giant gettyImages.com launched a new Stock Photography site called ThinkStockPhotos.com ThinkStock will consolidate content from gettyImages other sites (iStockphoto.com, Jupiterimages.com, gettyImages.com etc..) and become the primary Subscription site for the company.  Looking at the site, it appears they will be starting off offering both Annual and Monthly subscriptions starting at $250 a month…