More free software from GFI – Backup – LanGuard - Mail

Free is always a great price especially for great products.  I particularly like FREE backup and Network monitoring tools.  The screenshot to the left is an insert from a recent TechNet magazine.

Freeware Spyware Scanner Spybot Search and Destroy

For years and years I’ve been using the Freeware security Spybot search and destroy.  Although it’s a free product, don’t let that scare you.  Spybot does a great job of staying up to date with the latest threats out there,…

Compact & Crunch Your Firefox Bookmarks

The Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox is a useful feature that allows you to bookmark things on the fly and create instant shortcut buttons to get back to them.  However one of the biggest obstacles encountered when using Firefox bookmarks… Release New Updates – V3.5.3

One of my favorite FREE image editing applications just released a new update – Version 3.5.3 The update mainly covers just a few bug fixes so new new functionality this time around. Fixed DirectDraw Surface (.dds) file format…

Use to Hide Email Address And Avoid Spam Bots

Have you ever left a comment on a blog or website and worried about posting your real email address?  Perhaps you were asking for a Google Voice Invite or??? The folks over at have a slick solution.  The process is quick and…