Samsung may be releasing Google’s Nexus Two On Nov. 8

Earlier this year HTC teamed up with Google and brought us the Nexus One.  The phone was the first of it’s kind and set the template for all future Android phones to come.

samsung new android phone invitation

This time around Google might be teaming up with Samsung and releasing the Nexus Two.  At this point it isn’t confirmed, it could just be a rumor.  But what else could they possibly be launching this Nov after just releasing their Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab line?

The specs on the device are rumored to be near identical to the Galaxy S line.  The power that the Nexus one has though is immediate Android updates, not months of waiting for lazy manufacturers to release their custom build.

Nintendo “NES” Coffee Table, It is Exactly What You Think

It turns out, a Nintendo just might be the best place to set your Nintendo on top of.  -Okay that might have sounded weird, but it is true!- Just check out the screenshot below and you’ll what I mean, and be prepared to get your geek on.

Giant NES Nintendo Coffe table

Giant NES Nintendo Controller

This giant NES was made by flickr user mattcyborgelt.  My favorite part is that the Controller ports are actually power outlets used for charging mobile devices and peripherals.

Giant Laptop Nintendo Recharger