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  • Google Voice – Send SMS TXT Messages to Multiple Recipients

    Tired of using Cut and Paste to send the same SMS TXT message to multiple people?  Well Google was reading your mind because they just updated their Google Voice App. to all you to send SMS TXT’s to multiple recipients by separating them with a comma.   Send SMS to Multiple Recipients [via theGoogleOS]

  • Ubisoft Goes Insane – Implements new Online Only DRM

    Just when you thought software game developers were finally learning that DRM doesn’t work, Ubisoft steps up to the plate enforcing a new Online Only policy.  The new DRM policy won’t affect games which are already out, but starting with The Settlers 7 all future games will require a constant internet connection and verification to…

  • gettyImages Launches ThinkStockPhotos.com

    Stock Photography giant gettyImages.com launched a new Stock Photography site called ThinkStockPhotos.com ThinkStock will consolidate content from gettyImages other sites (iStockphoto.com, Jupiterimages.com, gettyImages.com etc..) and become the primary Subscription site for the company.  Looking at the site, it appears they will be starting off offering both Annual and Monthly subscriptions starting at $250 a month…