Google Launches Google Map Maker in the UK

Google expanded its popular Map Making services on Thursday by introducing Map Maker to the UK. Let's take a closer look.

Clean Up Shop With Soap Knuckles

Worried about dropping the soap in the shower?  Now you can defend yourself with it!  Presenting Soap Knuckles from Spye design.  All we need now is a how-to for making these yourself.

Russian Puzzle Inspired Shelving

Home-made Tetris shelves.  Could be a fun do-it-yourself project! Created by reddit user liberal_texan.

What If Historic Events Were On Facebook?

Click to Enlarge A guy named Wylo made this.  It’s great!

Fun Friday - Freak out your brain

Not much to say on this one other than, Click the image below to enlarge it.  ;)

Star Wars StormTroopers Caught On Film

Little bit of Friday fun today.  Yesterday I stumbled across a really entertaining  blog post which shows a pair of Imperial StormTroopers in a variety of life scenes.  Not really sure why… but I really enjoyed it quite a…