New Linux 64-bit Kernel Exploit

linux virus infectionLinux 64-bit has a new local root exploit that will allow escalation into unauthorized user access.  Unfortunately, once the exploit has occurred on your system it will remain persistent even after being patched.

The new update will fix this issue, so update quick!

Update and more at:

Adobe Flash Player Square 64-bit Launched Preview Today

adobe flash square launch

Today Adobe Launched the 64-bit version of their new “in-testing” flash player, Square.

From Adobe:

“Today we’re making available a preview of Adobe® Flash® Player that we’re calling “Square.” This preview includes support for two new areas, namely enhanced support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Beta and native 64-bit support for all major desktop operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows.”


Bing Could Become The New iPhone Default Search Provider

bing search provider on the iPhoneAccording to a recent article from BusinessWeek, Apple and Microsoft are in negotiations.  Current rumors have it that these talks are focused on replacing Google with Bing as the default search provider for all iPhones and Safari desktop applications.

Currently there are only two iPhone search provider options; Google, and Yahoo.  Yahoo leaves much to be desired, and Google is great.. except it’s at odds with Apple.  Google is getting too close for comfort with their new Nexus One phone, Google Voice applications, and Latitude GPS.  Apple has already made that clear by rejecting nearly every Google app for the iPhone AppStore.

Whether the deal works out or not depends on brand identity and mutual gain, but I for one hope that Bing will make it as at least an alternative.

Techcrunch Was Hacked!

tech crunch was hacked, oh no!

The mass media tech site was hacked at 10:20pm PST.  The entire site went down leaving a blank page with links to random rapidshare or bit torrent downloads.  The overall page which was shown depended upon which browser you were viewing it with.  While you think this may be related to recent hacking attacks on Google and Adobe, the DNS records for TechCrunch are clean, leaving me to believe it is a server-based attack.  Parislemon, TechCrunch technology writer, confirmed the situation on twitter.

The hack only seems to have affected their main domain as the other domains –crunchbase, crunchgear, etc…- are still up and running.

Update: As of 2:05am PST the site is back up, giving it a total outage of 4 hours.